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Hello, I’m Tiffany.

I’m a writer and illustrator - working to inspire others to love the natural world as much as I do.

I have always been drawn to nature and creativity. Having grown up in the Hampshire end of the South Downs National Park, I spent my time collecting rabbit bones, dissecting owl pellets, watching birds and eating blackberries. I once made a ‘tree altar’ in my bedroom where I would offer raisins and cheerios to the spirits of the trees, and at school my friends and I started a club where we used a mangled bird claw as our magic talisman to curse the meanest teachers (sorry guys).

Creativity has also been a huge part of my life - when I was little I loved transforming cardboard boxes into new treasures, from Pokémon pinball machines to laptop computers. I now make a living out of writing, drawing and painting, as well as experimenting with printmaking, woodcarving, pyrography and heritage crafts. Nature and creativity are completely intertwined for me, and I strongly believe in the power of art and writing within the wider conservation movement.

Little me, by the sea

 We are living in a time of ecological crisis.

Millions of species are now facing extinction, our soil, air and oceans are polluted, and we are on the edge of a climate catastrophe that will change our entire world. I’m not a climate scientist or a field ecologist, but the facts are easy to understand: We are tearing apart the ecosystem on which all life on earth depends, including our own.

We must all play our part in limiting the damage of this crisis. The solutions are very easy - consume less, consume better, and force our governments to take action. Someone once said: ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.’ The power to change the world is in our hands, but we must shift our mindsets to consume more consciously and show more compassion for the planet. While I believe in facts, I don’t believe a doom-and-gloom mentality is the way forward. We are cynical creatures, and if we think our efforts are wasted, we’ll stop making the effort altogether. I want to inspire and uplift people to make a change, allowing the beauty and spirituality of nature to speak for itself.

Puffins on the island of Lunga, Scotland

 So where do I come in?

I believe the best hope we have for balancing our relationship with the planet is to reform our connection with nature. There is a primitive love for nature in all of us - an echo from the past when our ancestors lived seasonally, took only what they needed and respected the world around them. I spend my time creating work that might inspire us all to reconnect with nature, to protect and care for the planet, and to prioritise ethical consumerism.

  • I write prose and poetry about the landscape

  • I make useful, beautiful and long-lasting items inspired by nature

  • I use ethical materials, suppliers and processes

I am a creative conservationist. I would love to help you connect with nature for the sake of the planet and our own existence, and to make the world a more beautiful, compassionate place.

An evening dip in the Rother

My Story

I grew up in the South Downs, Hampshire, before spending time in Bristol and London to study English Literature. I have a Masters in English from University College London - my thesis explored wanderers, settlers and pastoral landscapes in the novels of Norwegian author Knut Hamsun.

In 2018 I left my job at Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire to plunge into a freelance career. I now work from my home studio where I live with my husband Dave and our Spanish rescue dogs Pablo and Tequila.

In 2019 I was chosen as a Writer-in-Residence for Forestry England to celebrate their centenary year. You can read more about my residency here.