Celebrating 100 Years of Forestry

Hello - and welcome to my Writer-in-Residency blog!

This September marks 100 years since the Forestry Commission was founded to restore the nation’s forests following the First World War, and they are now England’s largest landowner, caring for over 1,500 forests and the people and wildlife within them.

As part of their centenary celebrations, the Commission are looking ahead to the future with a range of brilliant projects that will help more people get closer to nature through our forests and woodlands. From trail running and sculptures to commemorative tree planting, books and films, this summer and autumn will see a wonderful celebration of what it means to nurture a connection with the natural world.

One of the centenary projects is called ‘Writers in the Forest’, and I’m so happy to say that I’ve been chosen as one of two writers-in-residence who will spend time in the forests this summer and share my discoveries through a piece of illustrated writing!

This blog will document my time in the forests, updates on the project, thoughts on writing and creativity, research, scribblings and sketches, as I put together my piece of writing in time for the centenary celebration season this autumn. I hope you enjoy it!

Tiffany FrancisComment